Spring has sprung!

A film of pollen coats everything beneath the heavens, as the vegetative inhabitants of our world once again attempt to perpetuate their species.  Flowers erupt in an attempt to attract pollinators.  Leaves burst forth from buds on recently awakened branches and stems to produce food.  Winter’s dormancy has once again been evicted from the woods, as organisms young and old begin their annual rituals.

Spring rains fill ephemeral wetlands, and the amphibian world couldn’t be more enthralled that it is time to breed once again.  Spring peepers, treefrogs, chorus frogs and many more make their presence known as daylight fades each day.  Fish begin preparation for the annual spawn, and are hard at work each day preparing beds and attracting mates.

Spring is that blessed season each year when every creature gets a fresh chance to glorify their Creator.  Organisms that once appeared dead prove to be alive once again.  Ephesians 5:17 comes to mind, as we have been awakened through our new life through Christ.  Whether we are looking inside ourselves or at the natural world, this is a chance for all creatures to begin again.

A Crimson Pitcher Plant (Sarracenia sp.) blooms in a longleaf pine forest in southern Alabama.

So take a minute as you travel through each day to behold the beauty in the simple things in life-a flower in a road ditch, an animal hard at work, or anything else that jumps out from nature.  Don’t miss the opportunity to witness this awakening.